Shutters have fast become one of the most popular product on the market. Not only do they make your home look stunning, they have great insulating properties, setting the atmosphere in any home and increasing your property’s value.

The Basswood tree is a medium sized, rapidly growing tree of the eastern hardwood forest. It is most commonly 40-50 feet tall but is capable of growing to 100 feet and develops a thick trunk. An important timber tree, the soft and light wood has many uses in wood products. The tree is also a valuable wildlife tree providing nectar for bees, browse for deer, and seed for small mammals.

While Basswood is nitrogen demanding and grows poorly on deficient soils, it is useful in bringing calcium and magnesium up from deep in the soil profile and redepositing it in leaf litter. The common name is from “basswood,” referring to many uses of the inner bark by Native Americans.

The tree is pyramidal when young but develops an upright, oval canopy atop a tall, straight trunk. Fauxwood is becoming one of the most widely used products across the industry with Timber becoming harder to obtain. This material is made from a wide range of recycled polystyrene products and is designed not to crack peel or fade. It is great in wet areas such as Bathrooms or areas with high humidity as it is termite proof and will not warp under our harsh Australian climate.