At Studio Blinds we have a wide variety of Venetian’s available to enhance the look of your home or office. It may be a 25mm Aluminium blind with endless colours to select, or one of our other products available including Aluminium 50mm, Basswood 50mm Blade, Cedar 46mm Lacquered in a Light-Medium or Dark Finish and Vision wood 50 & 63mm.

The Vision wood blind is an ideal product for high moisture or humidity areas and wont crack in the harsh Australian climate.

Cedar & Basswood 46mm / 50mm

Timber Venetians withstand the harsh Australian conditions, enhancing durability through high grade timbers to minimise warping and splitting and a quality finish to ensure the superiority of our blinds. Fitted with traditional pelmets to complement the warmth and richness of timber, and available in a light, medium or dark finish, our range includes the aromatic cedar in 46mm slats and the durable hardwood, basswood in 50mm slats.

Aluminium Blinds 25mm / 50mm

Our high quality standards are prominent in the materials used to manufacture our slimline (25mm), micro (16mm) and 50mm Aluminium Venetians. Slats come with 0.21mm thickness, at 20% more than industry standard, giving the blind a strength and durability that retailers can rely on. With a baked enamel finish and flexibility to prevent damage, an extensive colour range to match the latest trends and the availability of woodline, blackout and perforated slats, there is an Aluminium Venetian to suit both residential and commercial applications.

Vision Wood 50mm / 63mm

Our timber-look venetians, Visionwood, are a great alternative to natural wood, particularly in high-humidity environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms and heavy traffic areas, where tougher materials are required. Our low maintenance slats are washable and fade resistant, without the peeling, cracking and warping issues encountered with natural wood. Our Visionwoods can be manufactured in both 50mm & 63mm slats, in a range of colours, from classic whites to natural timber finishes.